We understand the key to great performance and mental health is unlocking people's potential.  Our team of coaches are here to help you build on and leverage your strengths, to harness your focus and effort to enable extraordinary results.  We will help your employees to build self-awareness, responsibility, and self-belief so that they can thrive whilst striving within your organisations. 

One of the most important aspects of business is leadership. In fact, it has become one of the highest priorities for today's organisations. Around the world, today's leaders are facing a number of challenges, from increased media scrutiny to ever-evolving regulatory requirements and the constant pressure to do more with less.  


The most successful leaders recognise that in order to keep up with the demands placed upon them both professionally and personally, they need to adopt a high-performance training model in order to embrace this corporate cultural revolution.  Stacy will work with you to improve your own performance and leadership through increasing your resilience and ability to handle pressure, perform on-demand regardless of circumstances, access your own talent and skills when you need them most, manage your teams more efficiently, and set realistic goal and expectations of yourselves.  


In today's high-stress world of business, coaching isn't a choice  - it is a necessity. 

Leadership & Performance

Mental Health & Well-being

Our Founder is a highly experienced mental health professional, as well as a successful performance coach.  She provides Cognitive Behavioural Coaching for those business professionals artists where performance may be linked to stress, heightened anxiety, depression or other related issues. In addition, we have a number of associates who work for us who are trained clinicians and coaches with special interests in OCD, Eating Disorders, BDD, and addictions.


As practitioners, we are also privileged to be accepted by many as a confidential sounding board and advisor to mental health champions, managers, and businesses who are either already working with someone with a mental health issue, or those who may not know how to approach staff that they are worried about. 


As a team, we work proactively with individuals to recognise and overcome their individual difficulties, in order to maintain high performance in often high pressured environments. We also work with complex cases at times of crisis.