Are you looking for someone to lead your wellbeing agenda?  Are you looking for an expert, who understand the industry and can embed mental health as a priority in the workplace? 

We can work for you as your 'Head of Wellbeing' to help you design, embed, and deliver your mental health strategy.  Working as required, and delivering beyond expectations.

We also have access to a huge network of clinicians and subject experts - we know who to bring in, and what will get results.  


Greenwashing is a think of the past - if you need our help to take your organisation to the next level - get in touch.


Our consultants will work with your organisation to develop and implement your Mental Health at Work Plan, by providing a bespoke partnership package to suit your needs.  

Working across all stakeholders and across the full spectrum of mental health, we can assist you to design innovative and engagement solutions that speak to all staff. Using our network and our highly specialist team of professionals we can then organise and deliver speaking engagements, training, coaching and other supportive face-to-face support covering a host of performance, well-being, and mental health topics.  


This is the perfect way to work - collaboratively changing the face of mental health together. 



Bespoke leadership training including board inspiration sessions, personal story assistance, and the importance of role modeling healthy behaviours.

We are able to deliver a variety of bespoke line manager/leader training around mental health topics such as how to support those who disclose, difficult conversations, mental health strategy and development and the understanding and management of a number of mental health conditions.

Mental health is a fundamental part of being human, we cannot be successful without it impacting us considerably.  We aim to smash the stigma and normalise mental health for the benefit of all. 

Our clinicians can work onsite on a contract basis with you to implement and deliver your strategy. 


Our mental health clinicians are highly experienced and can deliver a variety of bespoke services to suit your budget including but (not exhaustive) the delivery of in-house training, group peer support, 1:1 coaching, focus groups, and other psychological interventions.  

Our onsite clinicians can provide advice and support within the organisation as well as crisis support if needed out of hours.


The future will see every business having a mental health professional onsite, it is the right thing to do.