The Performance Club offers a boutique-style mental health service aimed to provide personalised, exceptional, and accessible mental health interventions. Clients can be seen virtually, or through our exclusive concierge-type onsite home visits for those with the most demanding lifestyles. 


Stacy Thomson began her career in mental health in 2002 in the north of England,  having earned a First Class Degree in Mental Health Nursing in 2013.  She moved to London in 2013, committing herself to her passion for mental health,  working in psychiatric intensive care, crisis teams, liaison psychiatry, and community teams which led to her winning an award in 2015. 


Following completing her diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching in 2015, she then went on to open her own consultancy, where she has had the privilege to work with and be a trusted mental health professional to senior executives and HNWI who have or are experiencing mental health difficulties. 


In 2018, she went on to earn her Masters degree in Occupational Psychology at Goldsmiths, University College of London.   Stacy is also trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mentalization, Motivational Interviewing, Family Behavioural Interventions, and Solution Focused Therapy.  


Stacy has trained with and worked with top Psychiatrists and mental health professionals in numerous settings and has worked within a number of London NHS Trusts. Stacy is on the advisory board of Mad World Forum and is a leadership mentor and selection panel member for the InsideOut leaderboard. She ran the Minds at Work network in 2016, and along with her two co-founders founded Thrive in the City.  Stacy is well respected in the field of mental health and is a trusted mental health nurse, speaker, trainer, and advisor. 


The Performance Club Concierge is a welcomed addition to The Performance Club portfolio of services with the vision of providing personalised and exceptional mental health services.


Our Concierge Services 


The Performance Club Mental Health Concierge provides exclusive concierge mental health visits to individuals throughout London.  We come to you. Private mental health consultations including medication management (on arrangement) can take place at your home, office or wherever you wish.


We cater to HNWI, business professionals, VIP clientele or anyone demanding personalised, discrete, and flexible psychiatric care.


Please contact us to discuss your needs with next day appointments possible if available. 


Private after-hours office visits can be arranged.  Call 07825 292929.






If you are a clinician, professional expert or you have lived experience and you would like to work with us please send your CV and let us know a little bit about your area of specialism - we are always keen to grow our faculty.  



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