'Education is not the learning of the facts, but the training of the mind to think' Albert Eintein.

All of our programmes and individual sessions are delivered by clinicians or professional experts.  You will work side-by-side with experts in mental health, psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, exercise, sleep, and nutrition.


By integrating the sciences of performance, our Performance Enhancement Programmes aim to help your employees effectively manage the 4 quadrants of energy management using the Corporate Athlete Model. 

These interconnected dimensions of Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Energy will assist to maximise your employees and your organisation's energy creating lasting behavioural change resulting in enhanced performance, engagement, productivity, and overall health and wellbeing. 



Bespoke leadership training including board inspiration sessions, personal story assistance, and the importance of role modelling healthy behaviours.


Line manager training around mental health topics such as how to support those who disclose, difficult conversations, mental health strategy and development and the understanding and management of a number of mental health conditions.



Our clinicians can help you to develop and implement your Mental Health at Work Plan, by providing a bespoke partnership package to suit your needs.


Our team can deliver training, coaching and face to face support covering a host of performance, wellbeing and mental health topics.  


This is our perfect way to work - collaboratively. 


Our clinicians can work onsite on a contract basis with you to deliver your strategy.  Including but (not exhaustive) the delivery of in-house training, group supervision, 1:1 coaching, focus groups and psychological interventions for all levels of staff including the C-Suite.



All of our onsite specialists are clinically trained. 





As a mental health advocate, we recognise that your role is an important one and that your influence within your organisation is not only meaningful but influential.


As an advocate for mental health in the workplace, you have an opportunity to change not only culture but the narrative around mental health. 


These in-house CPD sessions will demonstrate how by expanding your knowledge and skill set, you can not only support others more confidently but you can become a role model for positive mental health demonstrating fundamental values of trust, acceptance, and compassion in the workplace.  


As a high performer we recognise that as a professional you aim high and work hard, yet you face challenges that compromise your success.  Life is tough, and for many its getting tougher. 


Whilst we often cannot change our external conditions, we can train ourselves to better manage our inner state.  


Utlising the Corporate Athlete Model of development and awareness, this 6 month / 6 session programme aims to help executives build upon and increase capacity in 4 core competencies of 'Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual' energy helping you to thrive in the most difficult of circumstances emerging stronger, happier and healthier.


Over recent years, we have seen a rise in mental health champion/first aid training in the workplace, which seeks to provide working professionals with the skills required to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental ill health.   


Peer support, which takes the form of group supervision has been used extensively in all health-related industries and provides a framework which ensures mental health champions feel confident and equipped to continue having conversations long after their training.  These group sessions will also provide an opportunity for you to connect and network.


Supervision should ideally be carried out every three months.



As a leader, we recognise that sustaining high performance in the face of ever-increasing pressure and rapid change can be problematic. 


These sessions aim to develop more than just your cognitive capabilities, but also your emotional, physical and spiritual energy, leading to what is known as the ideal performance state


Utilising the Corporate Athlete Model, we aim to pull together this hierarchy of performance in recognition that each profoundly influences the others, and by considering the whole person, leaders can begin to bring their talents and skills to full ignition, leading to dramatically improved work and team performance, enhanced health, and happiness. 





The working world is becoming ever more complicated and competitive. The demands that are often placed on us due to the accelerating levels of change and uncertainty mean that workplace stress and anxiety is on the increase.


These sessions which are delivered in the workplace are designed to be informative and practical and assist individuals in the management of many different mental health issues including maladaptive cognitive and behavioural problems which are contributing to ill health. 


Sessions include the understanding and management of anxiety, depression,  bipolar, OCD, addiction, anorexia, and perfectionism.  



With workplace mental health being pushing to the top of the agenda we understand that despite good intentions, organisations are struggling to take the necessary steps needed to support their employees.


This 6 month / 6 session immersive programme of delivery aimed at empowering organisations to manage and expand their most vital resource - the energy of their workforce. 


This will be a great opportunity to work alongside other organisations' utilising this peer support to enhance the performance and wellbeing of your employees both in the short and longer term. 


These sessions will be held at our sponsors Landsec Head Office in Victoria. 


If you are an organisation who is keen to run one of our programmes or events in-house we'd love to hear from you, you can contact us here. In addition, if you are a clinician or professional expert who would like to work with us please send your CV and let us know a little bit about your area of specialism - we are always keen to grow our faculty.