Over recent years, we have seen a rise in mental health champion/first aid training in the workplace, which seeks to provide working professionals with the skills required to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental ill-health.   


Peer support has been used extensively in all health-related industries and provides a useful and supportive framework that ensures mental health champions feel confident and equipped to continue having conversations long after their training.  


Peer support is held in your organisational space and should ideally be carried out every three months with a maximum group size of 10.



With the rise of mental ill-health in society, we recognise that it is helpful to provide knowledge, insight, and support to employees who wish to become or are a mental health advocate or champion.  We also believe that it is essential we support those employees in the workplace who are supporting someone with a mental health issue or condition. 


Their role in the organisation is an important one, with their influence demonstrating key meaningful human values such as trust, acceptance, and compassion in the workplace.  Furthermore, these sessions aim to enhance their understanding of mental health so that they can continue to role model positive behaviours that not only encourage positive culture change but also the de-stigmatisation around the narrative of mental health.  

Our clinicians can work onsite on a contract basis with you to implement and deliver your strategy. 


Our mental health clinicians are highly experienced and can deliver a variety of bespoke services to suit your budget including but (not exhaustive) the delivery of in-house training, group peer support, 1:1 coaching, focus groups, and other psychological interventions.  

Our onsite clinicians can provide advice and support within the organisation as well as crisis support if needed out of hours.


The future will see every business having a mental health professional onsite, it is the right thing to do.