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Welcome to your monthly dose of expertise from The Performance Club. Here comes the sun (fingers crossed)! There is so much positivity to reflect upon during the month of June – and 2022 in particular, prompts us to make the most of any extra time we may have to enjoy the start of the summer. This month we will look at the importance of not just accepting, but supporting and celebrating our individuality. We’ll also learn why it’s important to give ourselves a health and wellbeing M.O.T once in a while, and re-discover the importance of play, which can truly benefit our adult lives, which can become stressful and joyless. If you would like help with ensuring your employees can focus on wellbeing this summer by introducing a workplace wellbeing programme tailored to your needs, then please contact us today to discuss how The Performance Club can become part of that journey.

Live Pride and Joy June 2022 is Pride Month - a time for the LGBTQ+ community and allies to come together in solidarity to celebrate and embrace identity. This is a great time to remind each other – regardless of our sexual orientation - that the acceptance, support and respect for your friends, family, co-workers (or even complete strangers!) directly impacts their mental health and emotional wellbeing. Although society has come a long way, a recent study shows that people who identify as LGBTQ+ are nearly three times as likely to experience mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and substance misuse disorders. One of the reasons for this is that they are exposed to more trauma and adverse life events, due to stigma, discrimination, and other biases, which can exacerbate, or even trigger netative emotional responses.. Our communities are wonderfully diverse; every single human being that forms a part of them is completely unique - and we should embrace these wonderful differences. From early in our childhood, it is clear that some of us make people laugh, some are good at maths, while others cook fantastic meals. Some of us share our lifestyle with the people who live close to us, others live very differently. We can all celebrate individuality and diversity in a variety of ways, that are as different as we are. While some people love big parties and parades, others prefer smaller social gatherings in quieter settings. The events taking place in June provide us with important opportunities for connection, support and belonging, which brings enormous mental health benefits. Most importantly, we should all be proud of our identity, and feel that we can be authentic with others in a safe space. Feeling good about yourself boosts your confidence to learn new skills, visit new places and make new connections, and it’s been proven that higher levels of self-esteem helps you cope when life takes a difficult turn. You can find out more about The Real Mental Health Benefits of Celebrating Pride, or get inspired to practice positive self-talk to talk in 26 Reasons to Be Proud of Yourself, brought to us from Psychology Today.

Learn Check In With Yourself This month brings us Men’s Health Week, which takes place this year between the 13th-19th of June. We've all been through a lot these past couple of years, and our physical and mental health will have certainly have felt the impact, albeit to varying degrees. And while we've been focused on a change of pace, and adjusting to our new normal and hybrid working, many of us may have taken our eyes off other potentially serious conditions or indicators. To be able to function effectively in our everyday lives, we need to be at the top of our game, so this year men everywhere are being encouraged to give themselves a long-overdue MOT. A few honest answers about yourself can help you find out what’s going on inside – and provide an early warning of problems in the future. Of course, this is a great time for us all to stop and acknowledge the current shape that we’re in – especially when it comes to our wellbeing. Spotting the precursors to mental illness may not always stop the inevitable, but it can encourage us to ask for help sooner, and implement some control. Being aware of the red flags for both physical and mental illness takes practice, but self awareness combined with prompt action is never something that we regret. To find out how you can check in on your own mental health or encourage a loved one to open up, you can read this guide from Happiful Magazine. You might also like to dig a little deeper and take a look at the interactive manual, designed specifically for men - ‘Man MOT for the Mind’, brought to us by the Men’s Health Forum.

Play The Importance of Play in Adulthood We all love hearing the cackling, giggling, and uninhibited screams of joy from children who are out and about playing. Seeing children play is a joyous moment in itself - we are often brought back to a simpler time, when life was about having fun and enjoying ourselves. But play for adults is also critical in our stressful go-go-go lives. It has been shown to release endorphins, improve brain functionality, and stimulate creativity. And it can even help to keep us young and feeling energetic. Indeed, recent studies show that that play improves memory and stimulates the growth of the cerebral cortex. Play has also been shown to trigger the secretion of BDNF, a substance essential for the growth of brain cells. Play allows us to learn how to be creative and helps nurture critical thinking, personality development, and adaptive pathways for us in childhood. The benefits of play are far-reaching, but we often give up play as adults for more serious pursuits such as our careers, our relationships, and our families—all of which are valid pursuits. So let’s not forget that play is a useful resource, which can ultimately enhance our productivity and performance - we can tap into it to enhance our life experiences, our professions, our relationships, and our family lives as adults. Stuart Brown, MD has been studying play for decades and outlines the five play archetypes that he has observed during his years of research. You can learn about these and more by watching his TED Talk, ‘Play is more than just fun’.

Pause Our Book of the Month is The Impact of Identity: The Power of Knowing Who You Are by Irina Nevzlin This book offers a new approach to establishing a clear, resilient identity and enjoying a more positive, meaningful life. It seeks to discover what it means to know who you are and where you belong, and why the future can always be something to look forward to. Irina Nevzlin’s rich life experience and notable entrepreneurial successes have taught her that in our global and ever-changing world, we are all completely individual. The world is rapidly changing, and our beliefs are constantly challenged. ‘The Impact of Identity’ offers a fresh and insightful perspective on how we can build ourselves up to adapt with greater ease to our complex world, with strong connection to our roots and confidence in our being. Happy reading!

Finally, the longer evenings and brighter, lighter days have arrived to give us a boost of vitamin D, which raises energy levels and just simply makes us feel happier. So there really is no better time to get out and about, whether you're taking part in the Jubilee celebrations, or just enjoying the season in general. Do take the opportunity to connect with those around you, and celebrate who you are and how far you have come. Don't wait until you reach your goal to be proud of yourself - be proud of each and every step you have taken so far and know that the world is a better place for what you bring to the table as a truly unique individual. If you'd like to find our how The Performance Club can work with you and tailor training packages to meet your individual needs - with a unique emphasis on performance - then please get in touch with our friendly team. Wishing you a wonderful month ahead! Stacy Thomson Founder of The Performance Club sent on behalf of all of the team hello@theperformanceclub.co

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