What a week for mental health awareness..

First up this week we have the Mad World World Conference in which I am delighted to be involved with for the second year running.  I will be co-facilitating with Paul Mulligan, Group Occupational Health Manager at Kier Group a roundtable to discuss and debate 'communicating about mental health and wellbeing with the hard to reach'. I hope to see many of you there - if you still haven't got a ticket yet and you'd like to come along, please use my discount code CF50 to get 50% off (both the single and group ticket prices).  

Register here for Mad World Summit.

When & Where The Mad World Summit 2019 will take place at 133 Houndsditch, Liverpool Street, London EC3A 7BX on Wednesday 9th October.

I was also asked by Mad World to contribute to their 2020 Vision series, whereby they asked 20 highly respected leaders in the field of mental health to share their vision for workplace mental health and wellbeing for 2020 and beyond, check out my video:

The narrative of mental health

Many of you know, I talk about the narrative of mental health a lot - it really frustrates me that often when we talk about mental health, what we are really talking about is mental illness, which further creates stigma.  It is our mental health that brings us success and happiness, but yes, equally it can derail us and bring us much distress and sadness.  Our mental health is involved with everything we do - it is how we think, feel, and how we behave. 

On LinkedIn this week, I saw a lovely analogy posted by Arianna Huffington which describes what I have just said perfectly. She said 'when you see someone's success you’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg. You aren't seeing the work they put in, the failures that happened first, and what they learned from them (the stepping stones on the way to success) and the inevitable daily setbacks'.  What a wonderful visual to go with such an analogy too I'm sure you'll agree!

This week we also have World Mental Health Day on Thursday 10th October. This is another great opportunity in the workplace to talk, discuss and support each other with regards to the full spectrum of mental health, but also talk about this year's theme suicide - a topic which is often a difficult one to openly discuss.  If you have yet to see my video post from National Suicide Prevention Day which covers some of the fundamental concepts you can check it out here - I hope you find it helpful.

On another video last week, I talk openly about my thoughts on stress, and the workplace being responsible, you can watch it here. I am always keen to know your feedback and views on the topics in which I discuss. 

The next big calendar event will be International Stress Awareness Week - 4th to 8th November. If you'd like to work with us over these periods, please contact us at hello@theperformanceclub.co

Lastly, I wrote an article on 'addiction - are we all turning into addicts'.  Addiction is often associated with drugs and alcohol, but this article smashes that idea out of the park. In a world whereby we are becoming addicted to work, technology, people and pretty much anything which fills our emotional voids, we need to start looking at addiction differently. Furthermore, this was a call to action because as customers, and as organisations we need to understand the impact of workplace cultural norms, and the often toxic ways of working which can fundamentally lead to addiction. You can read this article here.

Have a wonderful week and thank you so much for everything you do for others.

This post was written by Stacy Thomson, Founder of the Performance Club. She is a coach, speaker, and educator. 

The Performance Club is a mental wealth consultancy utilising psychological expertise to enhance organisation and individual mental health, performance, and wellbeing. For more information: www.theperformanceclub.co

Contact us at hello@theperformanceclub.co

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