Workplace Mental Health for Organisations


6:30 - 8.00pm




100 Victoria St

London SW1E 5JL

(nearest underground - Victoria)






5th March

2nd April

7th May

4th June

2nd July

3rd September

This is a 6 month / 6 session immersive programme of delivery aimed at empowering organisations to produce, implement and communicate a Mental Health at Work Plan in order to manage and expand their most vital resource - the energy of their workforce.  The programme aims to guide you through the six core recommendations as set out by the Thriving at work report. 


Attendees will gather once a month to attend sessions which are educational but practical and will include exercises, debates, and discussions.  Delegates are expected to attend all sessions. 



Course Description:


Session 1 – The importance of good mental health at work


  • Introduction and discussion around mental health, stigma and employer responsibility.

  • Reality - who are you, where are you, where are you going as an organisation? 

  • Defining your purpose and making a commitment to moving forward. 

Session 2 – Initial Strategy Planning for a Mental Health at Work Plan


  • Deep dive into current policy, guidance and available resources including industry groups and regulatory guidance.

  • What is your organisational culture? What are your strengths/weaknesses? 

  • How can you increase transparency and accountability through internal and external reporting?

  • Getting creative with employee engagement and awareness. 

Session 3 – Measurements tools and interventions


  • How do your measurement tools and interventions align with you Mental Health at Work Plan?

  • How to interpret the data and identify where you need to focus your efforts? How can you measure the impact?

  • Insights from others on what interventions have been successful.


Session 4 - Organisation culture, leadership narratives and talking about mental health


  • What is your organisational story and what are your leader narratives? How can you make a greater impact with your employees and create a culture which role models behaviours which are positive and helpful.

  • How can you improve your disclosure process, including how to support and guide those who do.


Session 5 – Problems – the elephants in the room 


  • What kind of issues are organisations / employees really facing - the truth.  


Session 6 – Moving forward and maintaining momentum


  • Building a mental health network

  • How to support your mental health champions/first aider through CPD and group supervision.

  • Planning next steps, action plans and moving forward.





Please note: Pre-work will need to be completed prior to the sessions and activities will be set out for delegates to complete in between sessions.  This will enable you to embed the learning and implement practical solutions whilst going through the programme. 






Delegates will work side by side with highly skilled experts who are trained in mental health, psychology, neuroscience, sleep, nutrition, exercise and performance psychology.  Following the 6-month programme delegates will:


  • Will have developed their own mental health strategy.

  • Will be able to interpret and understand data from basic measurement tools.

  • Will be able to support and guide their leaders and employee in the disclosure of their own narratives. 

  • Will be able to build a mental health network and access ongoing peer support.


In addition, all delegates who complete our programme will become a member of The Performance Club, giving them access to:


  • A quarterly social meet-up 

  • Ongoing telephone support and guidance if needed

  • 20% discount off future training programme.