We provide support at home to those who are struggling with their mental health.  It may be that you have recently been discharged from hospital or a treatment facility and you require a stepped-down approach so that you can begin to adjust to life at home. 

We offer private consultations and offer evidence-based clinical interventions aligned to most mental health conditions including, mood, anxiety, and personality disorder to more specific issues such as drug, alcohol or sex addictions, and eating disorders.

We also work with a number of international treatment facilities  providing bespoke outreach care.



We understand that fame & fortune often comes at a price.  Our founder started her career in the music industry many years ago, so she understands that whilst living the life of a celebrity can often look quite glamorous, what with the fame, the fortune, and the stardom, there are also major downsides, the stuff the public doesn't get to see.


What about the moments of self-doubt. The crippling anxieties, the sleepless nights, the feelings of isolation and loneliness, the constant pressure to meet expectations and 'perform'. We can help to support you.

If you want to stop feeling alone, uncertain or you no longer want to feel anxious or depressed we can help and support you develop skills and knowledge which will enable you to live your dreams whilst remaining healthy and happy.

Touring plays a huge part in the artist's success, yet the mental health and well-being of artists and their touring crew has long been neglected. 


We offer a bespoke touring service to support both the artist(s) and the crew whilst they out on the road to ensure that the tour is a healthy and successful one. This support is crucial to those who struggle with their mental health, but also can be lifesaving for those who just want to get through the often cruelling schedule in a healthier and content way.  

We will work throughout the tour not only with the artist but the whole crew, enabling self-development and awareness that not only leads to success whilst they are on tour but enhances their skills, knowledge, and abilities to deal with what life brings long after it has finished.​​