This is an inhouse bespoke mental health training programme for those who have been identified as either a 'ally', 'champion', or 'first aider' of mental health issues in the workplace.

Designed to be delivered online over 4 consecutive weeks, the programme includes pre/post work to embed learning and covers more than just mental disorders.

This course is like no other, be prepared to learn lots about yourself, as well as how you can help others. 

This course is run in conjunction with online quarterly supervision and continued professional development.  We create self-aware and supportive communities than change how we do business. 

The working world is becoming ever more complicated and competitive. The demands that are often placed on us due to the accelerating levels of change and uncertainty mean that perfectionism behaviours and workplace stress and anxiety is on the increase.


These bespoke continued professional development sessions are designed to be informative, and practical and assist your employees in the management of every day to day struggles.  


Sessions include resilience and optimism, post-traumatic growth, understanding and managing anxiety, depression, bipolar, OCD, addiction, anorexia, and perfectionism.



As a leader in an organisation, we recognise that sustaining high performance in the face of ever-increasing pressure and rapid change can be problematic. Furthermore, your leadership not only defines but influences your culture and workforce.


Our programmes can be tailored to meet your needs and aim to develop more than just your leader's cognitive capabilities, but also their own compassionate leadership skills.

The importance of empathy, honesty, and compassion are emerging as the necessary skills needed to lead and are no longer seen as luxury items.  This training will give you the foundations in which to build upon your skills through deliberate practice.

As an organisation looking after your talent and high performers is an essential priority. We recognise these employees aim high and work hard, yet are often faced with challenges that compromise their success.  Life is tough, and for many its getting tougher. Whilst we often cannot change our external conditions, we can train ourselves to better manage our inner state so we can still thrive whilst striving for the success we desire.

Sessions include: the power of you, when perfect isn't good enough, critical thinking skills - think smart and master your deceptive brain, the benefits of a positive outlook and fostering hope and optimism, mindfulness for performance, and connection - the need for meaning: making work matter.


Our talks and workshops can be tailored to suit a specific brief or desired outcome, as well as the audience demographic and size.



We recognise that often teams go through periods of change and disruption, and a programme which can be readily deployed which offers support can make a significant difference.  This programme can be tailored to your needs and can be delivered as a one-off workshop, or as part of a more intensive 8-week wrap around package. 


Using insights from cognitive science and health psychology we aim to help team members manage their mental health in order to maintain their wellbeing and performance - not only during periods of transition or change, but on a day to day basis.  Working towards the development of self-efficacy, increased and enhanced motivation, capability, and accountability, the development of such skills through awareness and understanding aims to enhancing outcomes for not only the individual team member, but the overall team as a collective.